Our Winchester Street Dance Academies are for young people aged 11-16 and are far more than just a dance class. We provide a safe place where young people can learn, develop and achieve. The academies are about being a part of a community, building friendships and having fun! 

Our highly experienced teachers make sure all students feel welcome, supported and able to express themselves. We are well equipped to support young people experiencing mental health challenges, low confidence/self-esteem or social difficulties such as bullying.

As a student of an academy, you will learn authentic street dance styles and have the opportunity to take part in performances and other community events.

Our academies aren't just about learning


"I like spending time at Winnall Academy as the teacher and the people at dance are all fun. The dances are challenging, and it’s helped me to improve. The classes help me escape from reality, it helps my life and makes me happy."

- Summer, Winnall Academy

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Wednesdays 17:30 - 18:30

at St Lukes Church Hall


Wednesdays 17:30 - 18:30

at Winnall Primary School

"I really enjoy the atmosphere and fun we have at Stanmore Academy. My teacher Mitch is amazing, and he always supports me. I believe dance should be fun and I always look forward to a Wednesday evening knowing that I’ll have fun.”

- Poppy, Stanmore Academy

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Move Momentum is a member of BeWYSe, a collective of youth-focused charities, enabling young people to find guidance and help in the district of Winchester. Their mission is to help young people under the age of 25 discover all the incredible opportunities available to them in the area. Click on their logo to discover all the incredible opportunities available in this area.