Care Home Programme

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Our programme introduces dance to care homes in a way that is safe and accessible for all residents. We provide care home professionals the opportunity to join in and learn about dance, or just have fun and watch their residents enjoy themselves.

Are you looking for a fun activity for your care home? 

We've got you covered!

"It has improved my mental concentration in responding to the dance movements and in developing a better sense of body balance and weight shifting. This has caused me to have a greater enjoyment in using my body more in gestures and self-expression generally."

We are offering two dance programmes specially designed for quality care homes.


What have you found to be your biggest challenges and successes when participating in classes?

"My biggest challenge in participating was overcoming my self-consciousness and one of my biggest successes is being more adventurous than I was."

- Class Participant


Our teachers will deliver the programme at the resident's pace making sure that everyone feels comfortable and supported. We can provide a gentle chair-based session or something a bit more energetic. We are also specialists in leading sessions for individuals with Dementia and Parkinson's using music and movement to provide a joyful experience.


(Prices are negotiable for other charities).

All teachers are DBS checked.

We also offer bespoke workshops that can be tailored to suit all abilities. Whether this is for a community group or another organisation working with or supporting older adults.

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