Dani Griffiths


Dani is 34 and works as a language tutor in French and Spanish. Dani studied Spanish at the University of Leeds as part of her degree she participated in a study abroad programme. After University she completed her teacher training and moved to Basingstoke to take on a teaching role but decided that she was better suited to one-to-one tutoring. Dani has always been passionate about dance but as a full-time wheelchair user didn’t think that it was possible. She had previously looked into inclusive dance companies that she could join but to no avail, until Liberate Dance came along.


“In recent years I have found maintaining my mobility and independence the biggest challenge of all.  When the pandemic hit, I knew it was time to create a new fitness routine to enable an increase in my movement, thus maintaining as much independence as possible.  Thus came some of the motivation behind joining Liberate Dance.  Little did I know that tapping into my love of everything dance would bring so much to my life!!”

Dani found that the classes helped her fitness, mental health, and feeling of belonging. It struck her that she wanted to be more involved and offered her time as a volunteer to help with some of the admin and with growing Liberate Dance.


“It has given me so much that I wanted to give back.  What better way to do that than become a volunteer? It’s early days, but I am really excited to become a part of Liberate’s future.”

Supported by:

Move Momentum - Registered charity number: 1189061

Winchester, Hampshire

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