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Liberate Dance is a wheelchair dance company set up through Move Momentum and run by Amanda Watkinson and Vickie Simmonds.


The aim of Liberate is to make dance accessible for wheelchair users, celebrating the freedom and movement a wheelchair brings to people with physical disabilities. A variety of styles of dance are taught from a wheelchair, from hip-hop to contemporary and all use the chair as a way to create new movements through dance. 


After seeing The LA Rollettes (an all-wheelchair dance troupe founded by dancer Chelsie Hill) perform, Vickie was overwhelmed by the desire to get dancing again. 


Amanda and Vickie started spending time together in the studio. Together they began to explore how Vickie could dance again. They started to use the wheelchair as a celebration of movement rather than an obstacle. 


It was so liberating, that between us we decided this was an opportunity to bring dance to all wheelchair users in a more accessible way – Vickie Simmonds.


With nothing like The Rollettes in the UK, best friends Amanda and Vickie came together with an idea, and in 2019, Liberate Dance was born. 

Are you interested in joining our Liberate Dance Family? Click here to find out more about the classes.

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