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12-hour Dance-a-thon for Vickie.

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Our incredible Liberate Dance founder Vickie needs your help!

You may have noticed that Vickie has not been around for a number of months. Unfortunately, this is due to her health declining.

Vickie’s life has been turned upside down since October 2020 when she developed sepsis and went into septic shock. Consequently, she’s now living with two extremely rare and life-threatening illnesses with no cure, requiring experimental and off licence treatments which are not funded by the NHS. So far, Vickie's family have spent over £10,000 on all of her medical treatment. Due to the complexity of her situation, and the need for ongoing private medical treatment, the costs are only going to continue to increase and the family are now fundraising to help support Vickie’s recovery and the long journey she is now on.

Vickie is the loveliest, kindest person and it's deeply unfair all the health issues that she's had to face. Please help her on her road to recovery by donating whatever you can!”

- Amanda

As her dance company, Liberate Dance wanted to help support her fundraising. So on Saturday 21st August, Liberate Dance will be hosting a sponsored 12-hour Dance-a-thon to fundraise for Vickie. This is an open event that will be held over Zoom from 9am - 9pm. You can sponsor us via our Just Giving page:

or contact us if you want to get involved in the event and join us for some dancing.

To read Vickie's full story, including detailed information on her medical conditions, you can head to her main fundraising page here -

More detail on Vickie’s incredibly difficult journey can be read here:

We miss Vickie so much, please support our fundraiser so we can get her back dancing with us soon.

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