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  • Caroline Wigley

Looking forward to the Christmas Showcase and Social

Saturday 16 December 2023 is Move Momentum’s Christmas Showcase and Social, a new event for the charity and when all our classes - Academies, GEMS, and Liberate Dance - will be showcasing their skills, performing special Christmas dances.

Move Momentum CEO, Amanda, says, “Our Showcase and Social is a more informal event than the Summer Show, and a chance for everyone to bring their family and close friends together, and showcase what they’ve been working on.”

This is also an opportunity to get together with our trustees and funders and bring together all our volunteers who make such a difference to the charity and our ability to provide our classes.

Move Momentum is about dance and ensuring dance is accessible to everyone - but it’s also about enabling people to come together, to meet and make friends, socialise and be part of a community.

So our Christmas Showcase and Social is all about getting together - and having fun!

Each of our classes will be performing, “And after the performances,” Amanda explains, “we’re inviting everyone to stay and join us for a hot drink and cake, and to take part in our tombola.”

The tombola is a great - and fun - way to raise funds for Move Momentum. So, if you have anything to contribute to the tombola stall - and whether you’re a friend or relative coming to share in the experience of the afternoon or a local business who would like to support Move Momentum - please get in touch:

You can reach us

via the Contact Us form on 01962 809 234

by emailing

And we’ll be sharing photos from the Christmas Showcase and Social afterwards, here on the website!

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