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  • Caroline Wigley

Last push for Move Momentum March!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

We’re now in the last week of March, and the last week of our annual fundraising event, Move Momentum March.

Thank you to everyone who’s donated - and also to our wonderful students and class participants who with their March activities have helped raise funds that are vital to Move Momentum being able to continue to offer classes.

We’d like to say a very special thank you to John Salter from our Winnall GEMS class and who gave an absolutely amazing oboe concert at Unit 12 in Winnall last Tuesday (21 March). We raised over £100 at the event, and were all completely blown away by John’s beautiful music - and it was impossible to stay in our seats while he played, and everyone was delighted to take part in a freestyle dance at the end.

And ‘push’ is what a number of our Liberate students have been doing. With a target to achieve a marathon between them through pushing, cycling, swimming - and someone even skied - that 26.2miles target was well and truly reached, with a grand total of 67.7 miles!

Fundraising Officer Keeleigh has completed 70% of her Great Barrier Reef Challenge - and CEO and teacher Amanda continues to work away at her plank challenge.

You can read about our Stanmore Academy’s fantastic 10K scavenger hunt in our blog, Move Momentum March Updates - and there’s still time to donate if you’d like to, either via our Crowdfunder page, or using the QR code below.

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