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Meet EMILIE and ELIZABETH - Spotlight Story

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Emilie and Elizabeth are two of our fantastic Winnall Academy dancers - they are twins and live at home with their parents and older brother. They have attended two different primary schools, and in their spare time, they both enjoy being outdoors, riding their bikes and attending our Winnall Academy classes.

Emilie (left) loves climbing trees, riding her scooter and skateboard and Elizabeth (right) enjoys reading and spending time with their family pets, they have 2 Guinea Pigs, 2 Cats, 1 Dog, 1 Fish and 2 Shrimp!

Emilie and Elizabeth started Winnall Academy when our classes resumed in April, as they both were keen to find something to do in their spare time and learn something new. Since they joined they have both expressed how much they enjoy coming and have attended every week since!

Emilie says "I enjoy learning the dance moves and working together as a group” and her favourite Hip Hop groove is the ‘Bart Simpson’. Elizabeth has said that the classes have “made her happier”.

“It made me better at dancing and enjoy dancing more. I also love how kind the teachers are.” - Emilie

Emilie and Elizabeth can’t wait for classes to resume in September, and jump into all of the fun and opportunities being a part of one of our Academies brings!

Join Emilie, Elizabeth, and our community of Academy members in both Winnall and Stanmore.

Get in touch to join a class.

Our Academies are fun, relaxed and affordable street dance classes for young people aged 11-16 in Winchester, we run one in Stanmore and one in Winnall. Read more about our Academies here.

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