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Meet Our Trustees - Hannah

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Up next for our penultimate edition of ‘meet the trustee’ is lovely Hannah!


Tell us a bit about yourself! What does a day in the life of Hannah look like?

Originally from Surrey Hills, I now live in Winchester and have been here for over 20 years since making friends from here while I was travelling in Australia. It’s now where I call home, with my cat Ted and my petrol head partner, Chris.

By day, I’m a freelancer supplying strategic marketing support to a number of different clients both locally and nationally.

The beauty of freelancing is that I get to work with a range of clients, at the moment, locally, I’m supporting another local charity, a garage and a marketing agency, and nationally I’m working with a tenant vetting agency and a property comparison website.

What do you do as a trustee of Move Momentum?

I help tidy up the branding and social profiles, I’ve supported Amanda in the creation of the business plan and I’m always on hand to check over anything marketing related including funding application forms.

What made you want to become a trustee of Move Momentum?

I started dancing when I was 3 years old and it was a huge part of my life until I was 17. I danced regularly and took part in many professional performances so understand the benefits of a dance education first hand.

I wanted to get involved with Move Momentum so I could help bring the benefits of dance to those who might struggle to access it otherwise.

How do you feel about being a trustee of Move Momentum? How do you fit it around your other responsibilities?

I feel passionately that the opportunity to take part in lessons should be open to everyone and am proud that I can be a small part of making this a reality in my local community.

Has being a trustee of Move Momentum made a difference to you?

It has made me even more thankful for the opportunities I had growing up and it has also made me really miss theatre and the arts. When the Covid guidelines allow, I am determined to get out to performances and support the industry as much as I can.

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