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Meet Our Trustees - Jennifer

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

We hope you’re enjoying learning more about our trustees - up next in the spotlight is Jennifer!


Tell us a bit about yourself! What does a 'day in the life of Jennifer’ look like?

Hi all! I’m Jennifer, a mother of teenagers and I work as a Chiropodist, as well as help run our family business – a hairdressing salon. I volunteer as a Leader in Girlguiding as well as my trustee role with MM. I enjoy family life, animals, the outdoors, as well as theatre, films, music & I love a good read.

What do you do as a trustee of Move Momentum?

As a trustee of Move Momentum I attend regular trustee meetings, review policies and discuss fundraising ideas, decide on promotions and ensure the charity is being run to the advantage of its beneficiaries.

What made you want to get involved with Move Momentum/become a trustee of Move Momentum?

I got involved with Move Momentum as I loved the idea of the charity. My own children have had the benefit of regular dance classes and I know how much they have gotten out of these over the years, from 4 year olds to teenagers. I also took dance classes myself for the first time ever in my 40s and have even taken part in performances. Dance brings many benefits to all ages – improved fitness, self-esteem, social contact, mental health, co-ordination, musicality to name but a few. I strongly believe in being able to offer those benefits to all – without the barrier of money, age or disability.

How do you feel about being a trustee of Move Momentum? How do you fit it around your other responsibilities?

I feel glad that I am able to be a trustee of Move Momentum - I hope that I am making a difference by helping to make dance accessible to those who may not otherwise be able to access it. I am a busy person so I am lucky to have a supportive husband and family at home who are fully behind my charity work.

Has being a trustee of Move Momentum made a difference to you?

I’m a busy person but I find that volunteering some of my time and doing trustee work does actually help me manage my own stresses as it takes the focus off any problems I may have at the time. I have loved watching dance performances by the Academies, Gems and Liberate Dance and seeing the enjoyment that dance can give. This is a great reward for the work involved.

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