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Move Momentum Summer Showcase!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Move Momentum celebrates a summer of inclusive dance at their showcase!

Move Momentum is a local dance charity based in Winchester, founded in 2016

by Louise Todino and started with their Academies. In 2018, Amanda Watkinson

took on the role of Project Manager for Move Momentum, overseeing all the

projects and developing the charity. Since then the charity has expanded to

deliver classes for over 65's as part of their GEMS project and then most recently

developed Liberate Dance, an exclusively wheelchair-based dance company,

alongside Vickie Simmonds, a GB Para Hockey player.

Move Momentum provides dance classes that are accessible, inclusive and

affordable for everyone. We support individuals’ mental and physical well-being

and focus on enriching their quality of life by creating accessible opportunities,

encouraging self-expression and supporting individuality.

On 18th July 2022 - Local Winchester dance charity Move Momentum hosted their 2022

Summer Showcase last month, celebrating a summer of inclusive dance.

The event, which

included performances from over 22 performers, was

sponsored by local property developer Gentian and was held at The University of

Winchester on the 18th June 2022.

“It really was a lovely occasion and so great to be able to attend a show in
person following all the Covid restrictions we've all been through. It looked like
everyone taking part was really enjoying themselves which is great and it must
have felt like a real sense of achievement to work on a project together and see
it come to fruition

.” - Gentian PA

Highlights from the Summer Show include two innovative Street Dance

performances from guest performers; Blue Apple Theatre, a crew style

performance from Stanmore Academy, choreographed by Kerry Chamberlain and

Ella Greenfield, as well as two group performances choreographed by the

dancers themselves.

Liberate Dance, the wheelchair exclusive group of Move Momentum, also did a

number of contemporary and commercial pieces.

“What an amazing performance. I was so impressed. It was an honour and
privilege to be in the audience today. You are doing an amazing job bringing
inclusive danc

e to all.” - Trustee

Move Momentum staff

members Amanda Watkinson, Kerry Chamberlain and

Lizzie Sawyer finished off the event with a finale dance piece and the event.

The show had some great feedback from audience members:

“Thank you so much and genuine huge congratulations to abs

olutely everyone

involved. You’ve really

lived up to your company name today. We’ve honestly

never seen such a fabulous live performance where there was so much
integration. As we left my mum said “I can’t stop smiling or I might start crying”.
It was just superb. So many happy faces, so much enjoyment, passion and real
talent. A massive achievement.” - Academy Parent

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