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Updated: May 20, 2021

We’d like to dedicate this blog post and give a huge shout out to our superstar Liberate dancer, Kerry, who throughout December did something amazing

to raise money for charity.

In the days leading up to Christmas, Kerry decided to set herself the personal challenge of self-propelling her wheelchair every day. Averaging just over a mile a day, cold weather, dark evenings, wind and rain weren’t enough to distract Kerry from her goal, and by Christmas, Kerry had managed to rack up an incredible 26 miles - that’s the same distance as a marathon!

As if smashing this personal achievement wasn't enough, Kerry also managed to raise an amazing £740 along the way - of which she has very generously donated £356 to Move Momentum!

Kerry donated the other portion to local martial arts charity - Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy - another local Hampshire organisation which has helped Kerry and many others maintain their fitness through the lockdown.

We’re so lucky to have incredible individuals like Kerry supporting us - we’re extremely grateful and in awe of her dedication and strength in achieving this challenge!

“Before joining Liberate Dance I spent long periods of time in bed and viewed my disability as quite a negative thing but with their help and encouragement I’ve fully embraced my disability and I'm now able to celebrate my wheelchair for the freedom and independence that it gives me. Before joining these classes, even brushing my teeth was incredibly hard! Now i’m achieving fitness goals that i never would have dreamed possible”

Kerry Murphy

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