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#ThisGirlCan - KERRY

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Kerry from Liberate Dance shares her story.

"My name is Kerry. I’m 33. I’m married and have one teenage daughter. Five years ago I contracted an infection in my brain, which resulted in 1.5 years in hospital and left me needing a wheelchair full-time.

I joined Liberate Dance because my illnesses and disability often leave me feeling isolated. I have a great support network but I wanted something just for me. I wanted to focus on the positives of needing a wheelchair and to feel liberated rather than confined.

The biggest impact that Liberate has had on me is my feelings of self-worth. At Liberate I feel included and accepted for who I am, not how able I am.

Aside from all of the fun that we have and the friendships that I’ve made, I’ve also built on my fitness. Before joining Liberate, just brushing my teeth felt very physically difficult. Now I’m seeing a real shift in my energy levels.

Liberate Dance makes me feel enabled and not disabled."

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