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Updated: May 20, 2021

Vickie is sat on the floor next to her wheelchair, with one arm above her head and the other arm out to the side. The photo is in black & white.
Vickie and her wheelchair

Obviously, we already knew that.. but now it’s been made official! We’re so pleased to announce our very own Vickie Simmonds has won The Rising Star Award from One Dance UK and we simply couldn’t be prouder!

If you weren't already aware, The One Dance UK Awards are an annual celebration to champion, acknowledge and reward the people who have made the most impact on the vibrant dance landscape across the UK - if you know Vickie, this is everything she embodies!

It was a glittering (virtual) evening of celebrations and the very deserving Vickie won the Rising Star Award thanks to her incredible work with our Liberate Dance group, working tirelessly to make dance accessible for wheelchair users, celebrating the freedom and movement a wheelchair brings to people with physical disabilities.

Liberate Dance, started by Vickie, was inspired by her drive to use her wheelchair as a celebration of movement rather than an obstacle. For Vickie, Liberate Dance is all about connecting a community of people and breaking down barriers and stigmas through dance.

“Thank you so much for this award, it means the whole world to me and I can’t thank my Liberate Dance and Move Momentum family enough for surprising me with the nomination. Because of you all, Liberate Dance isn’t just a dream in my head but a reality for all of us. Thank you for being part of this movement where we can all grow, learn and encourage each other - this award is for you all” - Vickie Simmonds

“This award is so well deserved and is a true testament to all the hard work you put in making ‘that little dream in your head’ a reality. You have inspired so many wheelchair users across the country and beyond, and continue to do so. Here’s to many more awards, and a lot more dance! We’re so proud of you!” - Amanda Watkinson
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