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#VolunteersWeek 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

So this week we wanted to convey our thanks to some of the amazing people who have been volunteering with us and help us keep things at MM running smoothly.

Our first shout out goes out to the incredible... LIZZIE!

Lizzie was one of our first ever Liberate dancers and was also our first volunteer. Lizzie is an absolute superstar she takes on so many different jobs for Liberate Dance and Move Momentum and has been an immense support to Amanda and Vickie over the past year.

“Liberate Dance has completely changed my life. I’ve met some great people I’m honoured to have in my life and call friends. Liberate Dance has given me such a confidence boost and opened my eyes to so many new opportunities as a wheelchair user.”

We are so grateful to have Lizzie on our team!

Next up we have... KATIE!

We are very fortunate to have Katie volunteer for us. She started volunteering for us during the first lockdown via a PR volunteer match-up scheme and has remained with us helping us out with all things PR - keeping the community up to date with all of Move Momentum’s latest news!

"The team at Move Momentum do a fabulous job encouraging and inspiring people to feel the physical, mental and social benefits that dance can bring - it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to help out!"

Next, we would like you to meet...MOLLY!

Molly was part of our team on the Winchester Hub's Social Innovation Programme. She worked with a team of students to come up with ideas for creative online engagement during our crowdfunding campaign in March. Molly decided to continue to support our charity by signing up as a volunteer and we're absolutely thrilled to have her.

“I love working with Move Momentum and felt so lucky to be able to help them reach their crowdfunder target! I can’t wait to keep helping with fundraising so they can stay open and reach more people with the amazing work they do!”

The next volunteer we would like to introduce to you is... RUMEYSA!

Rumeysa joined us as a volunteer back in February, she signed up to be our social media manager. She has been a massive help, particularly during our crowdfunding campaign as there were a lot of social media posts!

“Move Momentum has had a big impact on me. I’ve learnt a lot while working here and am delighted to be helping out with the behind scenes as social media manager.”

We really appreciate all the hard work Rumeysa has put into her role with us.

And last but by no means least we would like to thank... ALLAN!

Allan is a Volunteer Consultant and Mentor with Sported. He applies his professional skills and experience to help members overcome their operational challenges and become better equipped for the future.

"In doing so, I meet the inspirational faces of community sports, immerse myself in their work and develop new skills in the process."

Allan has been supporting Amanda and Move Momentum since November last year. Allan has been a huge support in our marketing, planning and strategy and helping us generally to develop as a charity.

"It is a pleasure working with Move Momentum – they provide both physical and mental stimulus to a wide range of people and have been of great assistance to many during the Pandemic. With the professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm of the team they will continue to grow and prosper."

Thank you so much to all the people who have given their time past, present and future to support our small charity, we are beyond grateful and you are all amazing!!

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