We believe that dance is for everyone.
We strive to make this a reality. 

Move Momentum is an award-winning local charity based in Winchester that aims to make dance accessible to everyone. We provide accessible, inclusive, affordable dance classes for groups of people who might not otherwise be able to access a suitable dance class. 


We offer weekly dance classes for young people aged 11-16, over 65s and wheelchair users. 

Introducing Academies, GEMS and Liberate Dance!

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Street dance classes for 11-16s in Stanmore & Winnall.

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Dance classes for over 65s in Weeke & Winnall.


Online & studio dance classes for wheelchair users.

We also offer a variety of services to other organisations including care homes, schools, other charities and community groups. These services include workshops, regular classes, performances and training.

Check out our 2021 Social Impact Report!

Take a look at our 2021 highlights, statistics, student stories and much more including what's coming up next.

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"My husband and I love the class! It is friendly, good exercise, we have a lot of fun and laugh a lot. It is the best hour of our week. It makes us think and try new things and it challenges to be creative and more confident. I am definitely not as shy as I was."

—  Adele, GEMS

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Move Momentum is a member of BeWYSe, a collective of youth-focused charities, enabling young people to find guidance and help in the district of Winchester. Their mission is to help young people under the age of 25 discover all the incredible opportunities available to them in the area.