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“I have been involved with Move Momentum since March 2020 and was appointed as a trustee in October 2022.”

Harry Newton


Harry describes himself as a gregarious West Yorkshire lad in his thirties, now living in a beautiful part of rural south west Wiltshire, near Salisbury. 


Harry was born with cerebral palsy and is now permanently in a wheelchair. He regards himself as having been “fortunate and blessed” to have been able to attend Lord Mayor Treloar boarding school and college near Alton, east Hampshire.


With interests ranging from politics and current affairs, to travel and countryside activities, good food and real ale, Harry describes maintaining quality steadfast friendships as essential, while central to everything is his Christian faith and attending a local church in Salisbury. 


Harry undertook a further education course prior to doing an Open University degree in Politics and UK Relations and volunteers within the politics and current affairs sector.   


Harry has held a number of trusteeships, to include serving on the Strategic and Governance Committee at Wiltshire Cricket Board Ltd, and holding a supporters’ independent voluntary non-paid directorship at Salisbury Football Club.

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