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Liberate Dance Holiday Camp 2023

​​What a fantastic weekend! 
Nine amazing dancers joined us 5-6 August for this year's
 Summer Holiday Camp, our annual event for wheelchair users. 

And along with the dancing, there was a lot of laughter and fun! 

Take a look at some of the photos below.


"I love dance and wanted to have a new challenge."












Lunch was included on both days and a chance for everyone to chat and catch their breath (although the programme included lots of downtime to ensure that everyone took the sessions at their own pace and felt fully supported).

For adults and youths 7+ years, the two-day camp is all about unity, support and friendship - bringing together like-minded people in similar circumstances to enjoy dancing and have fun.

The weekend also included a session on confidence and performance skills.




Our guest teacher choreographed and taught a specially created exclusive dance that was performed and filmed at the end of the second day and which we'll shortly post on the website (and in the meantime, you can watch the 2022 Holiday Camp performance). 





If you missed this year's, the Holiday Camp will be back in 2024!

And from September we're adding a new Liberate Dance class to our
Winchester Winnall Saturday programme:

Youth (ages 7-13) 12.30-1.30pm, Young Adult (ages 14-21) 2-3pm, 
Adult (age 21+) 3.30-4.30pm 
Plus our Zoom Liberate Online class will be back after the summer holidays, in September. 

Liberate Dance 

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"There were so many highlights and magic moments."

"It was great fun, engaging and varied."

"I also loved seeing so many strong and confident dancers and wheelchair users in one room together connecting and building relationships and friendships because of their love of dance. It was great to have so many current and (hopefully) future Liberate Dancers in one room together."

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This event was sponsored by the Winchester Art Society.

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