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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the classes run?

Classes run during school term time. Please see our Dates & Timetable page for more details.

Do I have to come every week?

No, although we recommend attending regularly if you want to get the most from the sessions - and particularly if you want to perform with us. We allow for drop-ins (provided there is space in the class), however, we will still need you to complete a registration form.


How do I find the venue? (studio only)

Our in-person Liberate Dance classes are held at  Unit 12 a community building which is at the bottom of Winnall Valley Road, SO23 0LD, on the right-hand side. As you enter the building through the main entrance to the left of the car park turn right and you will find a cafe seating area, the teacher will greet you here before taking you through to the dance studio.


Parking information (studio only)

There is parking available at the venue - on a Saturday the bottom side of the car park has spaces that have been reserved for our participants and have signs that indicate they are disabled parking along with 1 permanent disabled space. We are also allowed to use the parking that is allocated to Winchester Physiotherapy on the right-hand side of the car park. If you arrive and are having issues getting parked please call our office number - 01962 809234 and someone will come out to help you get parked.


What should be worn?

Appropriate clothing for exercise. Dangly or loose jewellery should not be worn during classes. 


Do I need a dance/sport wheelchair?

No, all our classes are designed so that wheelchair users can take part in their regular wheelchair, whatever style of wheelchair it is that you use (manual/electric/power etc.) We make sure all our choreography and exercises are adaptable to suit any/all wheelchairs. However, if you already have a dance wheelchair you’re more than welcome to bring it to use instead of your day chair if you wish to.


What do I need to bring with me?

A water bottle.


I am a total beginner - will your classes be suitable for me?

Absolutely, our classes are mixed ability but the focus is on having fun and being part of a supportive community. Our teachers will ensure that all students' ability levels are catered to.


Do you cater for students with additional needs including students who use alternative communication methods?

Yes, we are able to cater to young people with additional needs including those who use communication devices or are not able to communicate verbally. 


I have a long-term health condition. Will your classes be suitable for me?

We provide alternative movements and adaptations where necessary and encourage all participants to take the class at their own pace including taking breaks if needed.


Can I take breaks if and when needed?

Yes, our teachers are very understanding and if you need to take breaks during the classes that is completely fine.


Do you allow carers/support workers to stay at the class?

Yes, carers/support workers are welcome to stay and watch the class, support the participant with their learning or join in themselves (if there is space in the class to do so).


Online class

What do I need to join the class?

You will need a device that can run Zoom and the device must have a camera and microphone. You will also need a space where you are able to move your arms around safely.

Can I participate without turning on my camera and microphone?

You will need to keep your camera on for most of the class - this is to ensure that you are participating safely and to make sure the class feels welcoming to everyone. You may wish to keep your microphone muted or on throughout the class - however, if you are in a noisy environment we advise keeping your microphone muted unless communicating with the teacher/ the class.


Is the class recorded?

Yes, the class is recorded but it is not shared anywhere publically without prior consent from all those who are present at that class. The video file is held securely in accordance with GDPR - please see our Data Protection Policy for more information.


The recording is used by us as a safeguarding measure for our teachers and for internal monitoring.


Sometimes we do a ‘performance’ during a class which will get shared, however, not unless everyone has consented to this.


Can I get a copy of the recording if I miss a class?

No, unfortunately, we cannot share the video recording if you miss a class. However, the class teacher will often film clips of the choreography and share them in our private Facebook group to help students practice and for those who want to catch up.

If you still have a question about one of our Liberate Dance classes, please get in contact with us and we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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