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  • Caroline Wigley

Amanda’s wheelchair dance class for WheelPower

Move Momentum’s teachers are often asked to deliver classes for other organisations, on both a one-off basis and through providing regular sessions.

This term, Move Momentum CEO and teacher, Amanda, has been taking a weekly online dance class for WheelPower. Based at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Buckinghamshire, WheelPower was set up 75 years ago to provide opportunities for people with physical impairment to be able to take part in sport.

As Amanda delivers a weekly online class for Move Momentum’s wheelchair-based Liberate Dance students, this was a chance to share her skills more widely and help support WheelPower.

“Not everyone lives close enough to a centre to be able to attend classes in person,” says Amanda, “and so online sessions are a great way to enable people to be able to take part, and enjoy the benefits of dancing, wherever they live.

“Our Wednesday evening online class is all about helping our dancers to build up strength and work towards fitness goals - but above all, to enjoy dancing and have fun! And that’s what I’ve so loved being able to bring to the WheelPower class, and to hear that all the dancers are so enjoying the sessions.”

Paul Rushton, Marketing Manager at WheelPower, comments: “We are absolutely loving our collaboration with Liberate Dance during ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ season.

“Amanda is providing movement and physical activity through the joyful medium of dance, and we are all learning so much! Amanda is a knowledgeable, engaging, and patient tutor who works at the pace of all participants, ensuring that everyone is included and has an enjoyable session.

“We’re excited to continue dancing all the way up to Christmas and believe that with all that energy burned we’ll be earning an extra mince pie or two!”

For more information about classes and workshops Move Momentum’s teachers can deliver for other organisations, take a look at our Services page, or get in touch. And if you’re looking for a wheelchair-based dance class, we have Liberate Dance sessions on Saturdays in Winchester and our online class runs via Zoom, on Wednesdays 7-8pm.

“Thank you, WheelPower, for the opportunity to work with you this term,” Amanda continues. “It’s been a real privilege to deliver the class - and I hope you all enjoy those extra mince pies!”

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