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Meet Trustees Peter and Emily

We have five amazing people who sit on our Board of Trustees, and who have responsibility for deciding how Move Momentum runs and is managed. The trustees bring an invaluable array of talents and expertise to the charity, and so we’re highlighting a little about two of our trustees in this blog - Peter Brown and Emily Girling.

Peter Brown

Peter is a Mechanical Engineer and a qualified Accounting Technician with certification in AAT Level 4, giving him, he says, a highly analytical skillset.

Peter also has experience of volunteering with charities as he says that he’s passionate about helping others within the community, and has volunteered with various charities in the local Hampshire area.

In his spare time Peter takes part in various physical activities - and which includes his wife trying to get him into dance!

You can see more details on Peter’s trustee webpage.

Emily Girling

Emily is a Chartered accountant working as an audit manager for one of the top 10 accounting firms in the UK, specialising in the Not for Profit and Education sector as this is where her passion and interests lie. On a daily basis Emily works with charity leaders ensuring they are getting the most out of the charity’s resources.

Growing up, Emily benefitted from the joy and confidence that dance and the performing arts can bring. She believes in breaking down barriers caused by social stigma and enjoys volunteering for charities which are working to achieve this.

Emily’s trustee webpage has more information - and you can find links to all our trustees on our website’s Trustees page.

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