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  • Caroline Wigley

Today is National Boys Dance Day!

Monday 23 October is National Boys Dance Day!

It has been set up by the principal of Bournemouth’s First Position Dance School, Natalie Pearl, to celebrate the “strength, passion, artistry, athleticism and dedication of male dancers in all styles of dance; from Ballet to Ballroom, Tap to Hip-Hop”.

The Day recognises all male dancers - from across the world, and across the spectrum, from professionals at the height of their fame to young boys starting off in local weekly classes.

And part of the aim is to encourage more boys - whatever age! - to dance.

Move Momentum’s CEO, Amanda, says, “All our dancers are incredible, and we love dancing with each and every one.

“But, as today is National Boys Dance Day, we thought we’d highlight across the coming week some of the stories of our wonderful male dancers - and who represent our range of classes, from our Academies for 10-16 year-olds, from our wheelchair classes, to our GEMS sessions for over 65s.”

Move Momentum’s classes are all about dancing and having fun and if we’ve already tempted you to find out more - whatever your gender! - that’s fantastic. We have more details about each class on our Academies, our Liberate Dance, and GEMs webpages, or you can contact us with any questions at any time.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ‘boys’’ spotlight stories in the coming week!

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