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  • Caroline Wigley

Dance Workshop at Old Alresford Cottage Care Home

Move Momentum CEO and dance teacher Amanda has been doing a 45-minute monthly dance and movement workshop at Old Alresford Cottage care home in Alresford since September 2022.

“I deliver the workshop from the lounge and it’s normally full, so there’s usually about 15 people,” Amanda says. “Some participants do all the dancing, others just like to tap or sing along with the songs and watch me. We often use props such as pom poms, ribbons and scarves as well to help engage the residents.

“They all seem to enjoy themselves, though - regardless of how they engage. Everyone is always smiling by the end of the session.”

Our care home classes are designed to introduce dance in a way that is safe and accessible for all residents, and most importantly so that they can be enjoyed by everyone. Our teachers deliver sessions to meet the residents' pace, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and supported, with workshops primarily chair-based but with standing movement provided if suitable.

“At Old Alresford Cottage, I deliver mostly standing so everyone can see me clearly,” Amanda continues, “and most of the residents participate from chairs, with occasionally one or two getting up for a standing boogie!”

And Move Momentum’s teachers are specialists in leading sessions for individuals with dementia and Parkinson’s, and trained to create classes to meet a range of health conditions.

Amanda explains, “We adapt the sessions to a varying range of health conditions and find ways for everyone to enjoy themselves and get moving in whatever capacity best suits them.

“I do mostly the same songs and routines but I also mix it up with some different ones each time - I try to remember which songs/dances people have particularly enjoyed and do those again.

“We have a great session at Old Alresford Cottage. I love seeing the residents each month and the pleasure they get from the dancing and movement.”

Michael Larmour, Old Alresford Cottage Manager, says, “We understand the benefits that dance and movement to music has for our residents’ health and well-being, as well as it being wonderful to see how much they enjoy Move Momentum’s sessions.”

If you’d like more details, our website has more information about our workshop sessions for care homes - or just get in touch, we’ll be happy to help!

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