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  • Caroline Wigley

Move Momentum’s Dance Workshops

One of the numbers we gave in last year’s Social Impact Report was the number of dance workshops we’d provided in 2022 - 10 - and which we felt was a real achievement with the country still only gradually emerging from the legacy of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

We understand the benefits of dance and that it not only helps to improve physical wellbeing but mental state of mind as well. We specialise in giving workshops for young people, older adults, and people with disabilities including those in wheelchairs. We tailor the sessions to suit the participants and ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and supported, and above all that they enjoy themselves.

Last year, workshops delivered included, for example, for a fantastic group at a Hampshire disability charity, some wonderful children at an inclusive specialist school for 2-11 year-olds, and some amazing young carers who just wanted to get out and dance.

Some of the feedback we received:

  • The warm up and cool down got them loose, also choosing a few young people's favourite instruments at the end to add in the routine was good.

  • The games were a success :)

  • Amanda adapted the dance workshop to meet the needs of all the children. She was interactive and enthusiastic. The children absolutely loved it.

  • It was fast paced and kept everyone engaged and challenged. It was great fun :)

  • That we had workshop lead, an assistant teacher and Liberate Dancers all there to help demonstrate and encourage people to take part

  • Easy to follow and fun!

  • Getting the children active and enjoying the music.

  • The well created atmosphere and to see the enjoyment in the participants

We also specialise in providing workshops in care homes - primarily chair-based, but we can also include standing movement if suitable for the participants. And we’re trained in leading sessions for people with dementia and Parkinson’s.

And if you haven’t yet seen a copy of our Social Impact Report 2022, please do take a few moments to do so.

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