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#MoveMomentumMarch - How To Create Your Own Fundraiser

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Thank you for deciding to help with our Crowdfunder and do your own fundraiser to help us raise more money! Here is a little step by step guide to help you get started!

To start click the link below to take you to our crowdfunder page:

Setting up a fundraiser

Then scroll down and press the 'Start Fundraising' button.

Then confirm you want to make your own fundraiser by pressing 'Create your fundraiser'. If you are just looking to donate then press 'or donate some money'. (This is an example based on an old fundraiser, so yours will say something a little different).

You will now need to create an account (or sign in if you already have one!). You can do this through Facebook or with an email address. Make your password something you will remember as you will need to log in to see your progress and update your fundraiser.

You can check the tick-box on the following page if you wish to receive emails from the crowdfunded site or leave unticked if not. You then need to click continue to start to create your fundraiser.

Creating a fundraiser

One of the first things it will ask you is 'How much do you want to raise?'. It is better if you set an achievable target for this as it will encourage people to donate and can always be upped later if you hit your target!

The best names to give your fundraiser are those that explain what you're going to be doing. For example: "Sarah's running challenge for Move Momentum". If you are just creating a donation page to spread the word something like "Steve's fundraiser for Move Momentum" will work well.

It is important to make sure your project is based in Winchester so people know where our charity is based. You should also tick the Gift Aid box as you are fundraising on behalf of a charity.

If you don't have an image you would like to use then the one below can be attached.

If you would like to make a video explaining why you are doing a fundraiser you are more then welcome to! It can encourage people to donate and makes it more personal but it not compulsory.

For your aim, you should describe what you are going to do and for who. An example of this could be "I will be cycling the distance from one side of the country to the other to raise money for Move Momentum."

Your story should have more detail such as:

- Who is the cause? - say a little about us!

- What makes us important to you?

- What is the challenge you will be facing?

- What is the money going to go towards - to keep our classes running!

Sharing your Fundraiser

Social media is a great way to get the word out about the amazing fundraising you are doing so putting links to your pages (if you have them) is a good idea.

Once your fundraiser has been set up you can use these links to share it far and wide and hopefully encourage people to donate! When sharing on social media please make sure you use the hashtag #MoveMomentumMarch.

Our Crowdfunder is running until the end of March so you could have the same end date but can keep it going for as long or short as you would like!

The same goes for the 'go live date' which could be straight after creating or whenever you would like to start.

Once you have filled in all the information and the ticks down the left-hand side are all green then you are good to go! Hit the 'go live' button and then you can share your fundraiser around. Thank you so much for helping us with our Crowdfunder!

Good luck!

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